Flower Shop

Image: Flower Shop

Artist Barbara Luksch

Bird of Paradise, Shampoo Ginger, and Torch Ginger flowers for sale.
ISO 640
f 5.6
Canon 50D Camera with Canon EF 18-200mm Lens


Image: Chinatown House Gate

Artist Barbara Luksch

Chinatown House Gate
ISO 400
f 4.5
Canon 50D Camera with Canon EF 18-200mm Lens

Island Reflection

Artist Michelle Manna

Reflection in Office Building Entry

I enjoyed seeing such a clear picture of island life; blue sky, clouds and a palm tree blowing in the trades reflected in the entrance of an office tower on Fort Street.

Chinatown Dusk

Aetist Michelle Manna

Chinatown Honolulu

I felt a slight anticipation of the shift in the neighborhood; a lull in between daytime’s downtown workers and visitors and the nocturnal crowd.

Kahuna O Ke Alanui

Artist Michelle Manna

Spirit Guide of the Street – Houseless

As I was taking a picture of this man’s shopping cart, filled with sticks, monsterra leaf and a bible, he asked if I’d like him to take a picture of me.  I replied with “No thank you, but may I take one of you?” He obliged me. I think he has a great face and I liked all his red clothing against the red wall.